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How to Prepare your Home for Sale:


Once you determine that you want to sell your home, Danielle will walk the property with you and create a list of what needs to be done. Homes that show the freshest and are staged sell for more than homes that are not.

When preparing your home for sale you need to look at the home from both the exterior and the interior. When considering a budget make sure you set aside a percentage for landscaping.

To properly prepare your home for sale, depending on the amount of items needed to be completed, be prepared that it can take up to several weeks to complete before putting the home on the market.

Also, be prepared that once the house is prepped it most likely will look different than when you started. The goal is to transform the property from a home you spent years building memories in, to a house that most buyers can see themselves living in. If possible, for best results it is best that you move out of the home and complete all the tasks and then stage it.

When working with Danielle she will help you to determine what the priorities are, schedule vendors for repairs, painter and select materials… to stay within the budget and meet the schedule.

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